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2024 Sunshine Fund Player Scholarship Program

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Supporting the Community

TCGSL's charitable organization is the Sunshine Fund. It was established to help league members that have been impacted by a hardship. In addition, the organization has grown to show support more broadly within the LGBTQ+ community through annual donations.

The Sunshine Fund was, first and foremost, established to provide support to league members that are experiencing a hardship that may impact a league member, a family member, or their significant other. Often times, this may be the gesture of sending flowers when a loved one passes. Other times, this includes providing greater support to players that have been impacted by severe illness, like cancer. The league has been in the position to provide a "gift" to help alleviate some of the impacts of the hardship; some ways that we've helped include gift certificates for groceries or gas, and even at times providing funds for bills or prescriptions.

"Gifting" is done so on a case-by-case basis upon submission or request from a fellow league member. Any league member may initiate a request for consideration. If you or someone you know may be experiencing a hardship and you think we can help, please submit a request to the Sunshine Fund by clicking the Request a Gift link on this page. Requests are reviewed weekly and updates are provided to team managers at the TCGSL Managers' meetings.

In addition, the Sunshine Fund may be used to support local nonprofit organizations that provide services targeted towards the LGBTQ+ community. As a good steward to the broader community, TCGSL provides one-time donations (budgeted annually) to organizations like the MN Aids Walk, or Red Ribbon Ride, to name a couple. If you know of an organization within these parameters, please send an email to the Sunshine Fund Director. Requests are submitted to the Board for review and approval. Please note that donations will not be made to any partisan or political group.

There are several opportunities to donate to the Sunshine Fund throughout the season. To make a donation today, click the Make a Donation button on this page.

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Request a Gift

Click here to fill out a form to request a gift, flowers, or to notify the Board of someone in need in the TCGSL family.

Matt Rosado

Matt Rosado

Sunshine Fund & Chairty Committee Chair


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