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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about registering a team, player, or free agent.

Q: What divisions will be hosted at the NSC? How do I know what the divisional structure and ratings guidelines are?

A: For 2024, we are hosting 6 divisions including: Open A, Open B, Open C, Open D, Open E, Legends C, Legends D and Womens+.  Final division breakdown and team assignments are at the discretion of the tournament committee based on the number of teams registered and to create parity where possible.

Q: What player rating should I submit with my roster?

A: Twin Cities Goodtime League (TCGSL) is an iPride Softball and ASANA member league and follows iPride and ASANA ratings guide. We use the most recent approved iPride or ASANA database rating.  If you have questions regarding which rating is the most recent update in the iPride or ASANA database, please contact your league's commissioner. During tournaments that cusp rating guide changes, the previous year's ratings should be submitted.

Q: What if a player does not have an official iPride Softball or ASANA rating (hasn't played in an iPride or ASANA league previously)?

A: The team coach/manager will need to complete the rating questions for any players that do not have an official rating and should review it with their league commissioner for concurrence of the skill assessment. The Tournament Committee Chair has final approval of non-iPride/ASANA player ratings and may follow up with your league commissioner as necessary (including requesting written concurrence with the submitted rating).

Q: When does team registration open? When does team registration close?

A: Registration will open the first week of January and will be communicated on our Facebook page. You can follow us on Facebook using the link at the bottom of this site. Registration will close one week prior to the tournament start date.

Q: When is my team's registration secured?

A: Registration is complete once a team has completed the following actions:

1) completed registration form (confirmation email will be sent),
2) tournament fee is submitted and processed, and
3) a final team roster is submitted and validated.

All 3 of these need to be satisfied by the registration close date (one week prior to the start of the tournament).

Q: How much is the tournament fee? How do I submit payment for the tournament fee?

A: The tournament fee for team registration is $400. When registering a team, you will be asked to process payment. If you do not process electronic payment at the time of registration, submitting electronic payment can be complicated. It is easier for us to process a refund if your team has to unregister vs. processing electronic payment following initial registration. Electronic payments are processed by "TCGSL." 

If you opt to postpone your payment, payment will need to be mailed to

TCGSL - North Star Classic
PO Box 580264
Minneapolis, MN 55458. 

Checks should be made out to "Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League." In the memo include your team name and "NSC."

Q: How do I submit my team roster? How do I make updates once a roster is submitted?

A: Once you have registered, we will send you a Google Sheets link to a roster you will need to complete for your team. This link will be sent to the first contact person listed on your registration.

Q: When are team rosters due? What if I need to make a change to my team roster after registration has closed?

A: Rosters are due TWO weeks prior to the start of the tournament. We understand that there can be unforeseen circumstances and can consider exceptions. If an exception needs to be requested, please contact the Tournament Committee Chair as soon as possible.

Playing the game

Frequently asked questions about the game.

Q: When will the tournament schedule and brackets be available?

A: The tournament schedule and brackets are dependent on the closure of the registration window (one week prior to the start of the tournament) and will be created and posted as quickly as possible. It is targeted no later than the Wednesday before the start of the tournament. Team coaches/managers will receive an email from the Tournament Committee Chair and a post will be made on the NSC Facebook page once the tournament schedule and brackets are made available on the NSC Play page under resources and made available within the tournament app.

Q: Where are the parks located? Where can I park my vehicle at the park? How do I find the fields once at the park?

A: Information about the park/fields can be found on the NSC Play page under resources.

Q: What if medical assistance is required?

A: For emergencies, call 9-1-1 immediately. For non-emergencies, there are several urgent care/medical facilities within a few miles of the parks. Limited medical resources are available at the parks and can be leveraged by contacting a tournament committee member or volunteer. Refer to the tournament rules for information regarding how medical assistance related game delays are handled.

Q: Rules of the game seem to vary by tournament, how do I know what the rules are for the NSC tournament?

A: The NSC tournament follows USA rules with a few exceptions that are outlined in the Tournament Rules document located on the NSC Play page under resources.

Q: How do I download the tournament app?

A: Simply scan the QR code located on the NSC Play page under resources with your mobile device. This is a hosted app and not supported by the league. If you have troubles with the app, please contact/use app support. Physical brackets will be updated at the park. The location of the physical brackets can be found on the field maps on the NSC Play page under resources.

During my stay

Frequently asked questions about staying in the Twin Cities.

Q: What is the easiest way to get around the Twin Cities?

A: Ride share networks (Uber or Lyft) continue to be the most accessible mode of transportation, Sponsor bars hosting tournament events are within walking distance of the host hotel(s).

Q: Where should I stay while in the Twin Cities?

A: We recommend staying at the host hotel(s). The NSC tournament negotiates a great rate to stay in the heart of the city, close to tournament events. Information to book at the host hotel(s) can be found on the NSC Stay page.

Q: How do I learn about NSC tournament events? I want to have a unique experience while in the Twin Cities, what do you suggest?

A: NSC tournament events can be found on the NSC Stay page. Also on that page, you will find resources for exploring the Twin Cities. 


Frequently asked questions that do not necessarily align to another category.

Q: Will food and beverages be available at the parks?

A: Players will have water made available in the dugouts at each field. Concessions are hosted by the NSC tournament, and help keep tournament costs low. Food options usually include grill and snack items, as well as a variety of beverages including water, sports drinks, soda, and a selection of beer. We encourage players and fans to help support the tournament through concession purchases. 

Q: What is the tournament policy regarding alcohol consumption at the parks?

A: You must be 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcohol. Alcoholic beverages purchased onsite can be consumed within the confines of the complex, but is not permitted within a dugout, on a field of play, or in adjacent parking lots. Outside alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into the park complexes. Sale of alcohol will be available after 10AM. These policies are in accordance with state and city laws. Drink responsibly, please don't drink and drive. 

Q: What are the opportunities to get involved/volunteer to support the NSC tournament? How can I get started?

A: The NSC tournament is the leagues largest event and planning is often 6 months or more. There are opportunities to join the planning committee or to volunteer to support operational activities during the tournament weekend. Opportunities can be found on the league Volunteerism page.

Q: How can I become a league/tournament sponsor?

A: We appreciate and value our sponsors. TCGSL has a variety of options for sponsorship. Please visit the TCGSL site for more information regarding opportunities and how to get started. You can find the TCGSL site using the link at the bottom of this site.

Q: How are these FAQs updated?

A: These FAQs are captured based on some of our most frequently asked questions. They are reviewed each year for updates and/or additional FAQs. If you have questions, or have identified an error, please contact the Tournament Committee Chair. 


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